Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Wonderball work in my washing machine?
Yes, the Wonderball will work in ANY washing machine including high efficiency washers.

What is a Wonder Ball and what is it for?
The Wonder Ball is a safe pvc/vinyl ball with a frequency enhanced mineral blend inside for use in your washing machine allowing you to use less (to none at all) laundry detergents.

Just how does the Wonder Ball work?
There is a special frequency enhanced mineral formula in the ball. When the ball is agitated in the washing machine, there is an energy field created within the ball. It appears when the water molecules meet up with this the surface tension disperses. The water now can do the best in cleaning the fibers of any fabric. It is the water that does the cleaning. Through physics, not chemicals, you will get outstanding results.

How long does the Wonder Ball last?
Under normal use, it will last three plus years.

Does the Wonder Ball work in both hard and soft water?
Yes, it works in both hard and soft water. The water can be either cold or warm.

Why should I first run a full cycle through my machine with the Wonder Ball without putting in any clothes?
This will help clean old buildup of previous detergents off inner drum and spin paddles.

Do I need to use fabric softener or dryer sheets?
You be the judge, see and feel the results for yourself without using them. 
We highly recommend the use of Wonder Dryer Balls to help cut down drying time.

Will the Wonder Ball soften the hardness of my denim clothing?
Yes, it will help. Once you get the layers of old detergent / fabric softener buildup out you will notice a big difference.

What do I do about stains?
Pre-treat them as you normally would. Some customers use diluted shampoo for ring around the collar and diluted dish soap for other stains.

How long does it take to get the old soap out of my clothing?
It normally takes several washings of the same item.

What will the Wonder Ball do with odors?
It will help lessen or eliminate organic odors.

Is the use of the Wonder Ball in the washing machine safe for the septic tank? 
Yes, it is safe for the septic tank and the water table.

Do I still need to use the wash and the rinse cycle?
If your choice is to use no detergent; then you may choose to just use the wash OR rinse cycle when washing your clothes.

What effect does the Wonder Ball have on allergies?
It lessens the exposure to chemicals and allergens normally found in laundry detergent.

Why do I need to put the clothes in loosely?
Water can only hold a certain amount of dirt.

Is the Wonder Ball water safe for animal bedding?

Can the Wonder Ball be used in the bathtub for bathing?

What makes my clothes seem soft after washing them with the Wonder Ball? 
You will have less filler components normally used in laundry detergent clinging in the fibers of your clothes.

Why do my clothes seem to have fewer wrinkles and my cottons need less ironing?
This is due to the absence of filler components commonly used in laundry detergents that help hold wrinkles in place.

Will the Wonder Ball work with my delicate hand washables and woolen items?
Yes, just swish the ball around in the water and continue your normal process.

Is the Wonder Ball safe for my children?
Yes, in fact it could possibly be the best thing you can do for your toddlers and young children. Imagine if you will, having all the children's clothing free of harmful chemicals and residue from laundry detergent, thus having fewer allergies and skin rashes. Also, by not having these chemicals in the clothes your children will not be breathing them into their lungs when playing or sleeping. Nor will they be having their face rubbed in these left in chemical residues while mom is giving them their daily bath