Directions for Use:

Preparing Machine: The first thing you do is clean the inner drum and spin paddles of your washing machine. This is accomplished by simply putting only the ball in the washing machine and running a complete cycle. At this time, you can clean the lint screen of your dryer with a brush and water. You may also want to clean the vent tubing of your dryer for maximum efficiency. You may be surprised at all the excess buildup. Most people are amazed at what comes out!

Washing: Simply throw the ball in your washing machine. Pre-treat stains and use bleach/whiteners, as you would normally do. Loosely add clothing and start machine. [FACT.. water can only hold and carry out so much dirt.] By overloading the washing machine, you will be inhibiting the cleaning ability of the water.

Observations: It is normal to see soapsuds in your wash water the first few times of washing your clothes with the Wonder Ball. After you have washed the same items of clothing several times you will gradually get out the layers of softeners and detergents, i.e.- fillers, ground glass, etc. commonly embedded into the fabric.